Steps to choose the right Inbound Agency and why

Steps to choose the right Inbound Agency and why

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There is one undeniable fact: technology has come into the lives of your potential customers and your brand must use it to its advantage to gain their interest, trust and loyalty.

Traditional marketing proposes to create an attractive commercial proposal and show it to your audience in search of a purchase, but since the year 2000 there is a strategy focused on your target audience that seeks to create useful content to attract them to your business, instead of reaching them directly with a proposal.

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This more human strategy is currently employed by the most successful companies worldwide, and is called inbound marketing.

What can I get from an inbound agency?

Unlike a traditional marketing agency, agencies based on the inbound methodology will be able to offer you:

-Original content personalised for your buyer personas, arriving at the right time to guide your visitors through the journey to becoming customers.

- In addition to analysing your competition and your market, they will evaluate your current digital presence or create one according to the new trends and inbound requirements, in order to have a better positioning.

-Lead generation, qualification and nurturing for a higher conversion rate to customers.

- They will integrate third-party software to obtain accurate and up-to-date information on relevant aspects such as ROI, audience segmentation, campaign performance, web traffic, among others, to create effective strategies and make timely decisions.

According to Invesp, 82% of marketers who use blogs in their inbound strategy see a positive ROI, so beyond being a strategy that builds reputation and trust, this is a comprehensive plan that will increase revenue for your business.

Steps to choose your agency

The inbound methodology is one, but that doesn't mean you will get the same result with every agency that claims to use it. Here is a list of considerations to help you choose the perfect inbound agency for your projects.

1. You must know your industry

Marketing strategies cannot be the same for all companies, especially when it comes to content creation and authority building.

If the inbound agency has already worked with businesses related to your industry, both of you will save valuable time educating and understanding your services or products. Expertise in topics related to your business also increases the chances of creating successful and attractive campaigns for your potential customers.

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2. Be sure to check their references

To know that you're dealing with a good inbound agency you need more than an outstanding presentation. And of course, there is no better benchmark of excellence than a satisfied client.

Ask for information about their client portfolio, find out how good their relationship is with them, look at their case studies and compare them with those of other agencies. This will give you a good perspective on whether they are capable of delivering projects that suit your business needs.

3. Ask what tools they will use during the project

The creation of content pieces is only one part of a complete inbound plan. Behind each campaign there is audience segmentation, content distribution, measuring results, scheduling publications, measuring web traffic, generating leads and converting these leads to customers; among other tasks that will ensure that the result is as expected.

An agency that is up to the challenge will have a set of effective tools that will enable it to carry out these tasks with agility. It must also be able to share all these processes with the client and create an environment of transparency, honesty and trust.

4. Get to know its inner workings

When you contact an inbound agency, you are likely to have meetings with the owner, the sales director and probably a strategist. They will be able to guide you very well on what the workflow is like in the team, but it is important that you know a bit about the other people involved.

You can ask for information about who will write your brand's content, who will devise campaigns and what their background is in inbound marketing. When you hire an inbound agency, you hire the whole team behind it, so it is your right to know who your business' allies will be.

5. Identify the added value it will bring you

Your chosen inbound agency should be more than just a bunch of people writing campaign copy and blog posts. It is in their hands that the responsibility for projecting your brand will be placed, so make sure that the team is responsible for developing a comprehensive strategy based on thorough research into your company, your industry and your main competition.

It is important that they are able to detect your company's strengths, weaknesses and objectives, and adjust the action plan to meet each of them.

Analysing your shoppers is one of the most important steps, as you will not reach your ideal customers if campaigns are not designed specifically for them and tailored to their steps along the customer journey.

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According to SkilledUp, 83% of companies say that hiring marketing partners is a difficult job. In this task, the training of those involved, the selection of technological tools and the ability of its members to transform your objectives into reality play a very important role.

If you want to increase your sales by increasing the visibility of your company, contacting an expert inbound agency will be the best decision. At Innova Marketing Solutions we have qualified strategists and sales experts that will help you attract, convert and delight your potential customers. Schedule an appointment today!