The 7 marketing and sales strategies that will help your business grow in 2024

The goal of companies is the same as it was in the 19th, 20th and 21st century: to increase sales and grow the business. But what has definitely changed is the buying behaviour of your customers and the marketing strategies you need to use to achieve this.

Here we summarise the approaches that are generating the best results for companies and that every inbound marketing agency should offer.

#1 Inbound Marketing

It is easy to understand the reason for its use in digital marketing when we look at the statistics:

- Inbound marketing tactics generate 54% more leads than traditional methods.

- Getting leads costs 62% less than outbound marketing.

This is achieved by creating an ideal space to engage your customers with content that is truly useful to them.

For example, American Express created OPEN Forum, a blog to help SMEs grow through valuable content. This allows new users to find the brand by researching financial, economic and business topics; and builds loyalty by offering them a space tailored to their interests.

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#2 Inbound Sales

When it comes to inbound, sales and marketing should never work separately.

Let's look at why: if your team only makes cold calls, it will have a success rate of just 2%(Baylor University). This is because your customers want to be informed before they make a decision or even consider you - in fact 77% of B2B decision-makers don't talk to sales reps until they've done their own research.

Inbound Marketing is the first step before Inbound Sales, as it allows you to identify your buyer persona, their pains, their needs, their challenges and their motivations; in order to create a powerful message that is more effective and offer personalised follow-up.

#3 Account Based Marketing (ABM)

According to Hubspot, marketing and sales teams that integrate an ABM approach increase their chances of exceeding revenue targets by up to 6%. ABM is a marketing strategy that identifies specific accounts within a broad market that are more likely to convert into customers.

With the help of your buyer persona and data you can create personalised content and messages that you will send through strategic platforms. In this case, LinkedIn is an excellent choice.

The company Salsify decided to use ABM through marketing messages, advertisements and emails; and they exceeded their conversion targets by 22%.

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#4 Social Media Ads

Social media advertising is one of the most widely used marketing strategies today. The reasons are simple:

- 4 out of 10 users follow their favourite brands on social networks.

- 37% of shoppers visit social media for inspiration before buying.

And the best part is that platforms like Google, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn offer you a wide possibility to segment your target audience to reach them with a direct and personalised message. Make an appointment with our team and we'll tell you how you can achieve this.

#5 Sales Enablement

Aligning your marketing and sales strategies is critical, and that's where Sales Enablement comes in. Companies that have implemented Sales Enablement achieve a 49% rate in projected closes, compared to 42% for those who do not employ this strategy.

According to Hubspot, it's about giving your teams the resources they need to close more sales, such as content, tools, insights, downloadables and other information that is useful and tailored to your prospect's profile.

#6 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Optimising your content for search engines is the perfect formula for your potential customers to find you, get to know you and identify you. 61% of leads generated in B2B companies come from organic traffic and SEO.

The proper use of SEO is probably the #1 reason for companies' digital positioning. A perfect example is Amazon, who relied on user-generated information (reviews, comments and searches) to boost their offerings with the words and terms most used and searched for by visitors.

#7 Online events

Online events or webinars are an ideal way to offer value to your audience, increase your authority in the industry and generate leads. When the convening is efficient and the focus is well defined, it is estimated that between 2-5% of attendees will convert into customers.

One company that has capitalised on this marketing strategy is Trello, which has a webinar page where they share tips on how to use the tool and topics of interest to users, such as productivity tips and workflows.

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Which of these marketing strategies do you already use in your company? Each one in particular can give you good results, but you will only have a comprehensive inbound strategy when you integrate an overall plan that encompasses all of them with a common goal: to increase your sales and grow your business.

Follow the example of pioneering companies. Schedule an appointment with us and we will explain how to achieve it.