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What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a strategy based on attracting customers with useful, relevant and value-adding content at every stage of the buyer's journey.

with inbound marketing

Customers find you

find you

With an Inbound Marketing Strategy you create processes that your potential customers find your company by connecting with them through different channels such as social networks, search engines and blogs.

People are ignoring traditional marketing practices such as cold calling or TV commercials, the inbound does not need to make an effort to get the attention of potential customers. By creating content designed to address the issues and needs of your ideal customers, you will attract qualified prospects and build trust and credibility for your company.


Attract qualified prospects

Inbound Marketing is the methodology that enables companies to attract high volumes of new prospects, generating valuable content to attract the ideal customers for each organization in a focused way.

The inbound methodology is the best way to turn strangers into clients and promoters of your company.

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What's the difference between inbound and Traditional Marketing?

It's about offering value in a non-intrusive way, unlike traditional advertising, so consumers don't feel that the goal is to get sales. With inbound techniques, your customers come to you and with outbound techniques you are the one who must find them. In the first case, the key is to create quality content, and in the second, the budget.

Know the stages of the Inbound Methodology:

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Source: HubSpot Academy



Inbound methodology applied to marketing and sales.

You're on the right track. You've already captured the right visitors and turned them into qualified sales opportunities that you now need to transform into customers. What's the most effective method to achieve this? Use the sales tools available at this stage to make sure you close the right sales opportunities at the right time, and in an easier and faster way.

Opportunity scoring is an excellent way to approach the growth of your company. When you start generating more sales opportunities, it is not always practical and convenient to contact all of them. You must ensure that the sales department capitalizes on their time with the best qualified opportunities.

Every sales opportunity should be nurtured according to your interests and stage of the life cycle. There are different actions that indicate their preferences and interests, such as the pages they visit or the content and information documents they consume. The nutrition process must tailor messages to remain relevant to that opportunity and help close new clients much more quickly.

No one likes to get a promotional sales pitch if they're already a customer. Smart Content ensures that your brand loyal customers do not see calls to action or content directed at first-time visitors. In addition, you can use smart call-to-action to show different visitors offers that change according to the ideal customer and stage of the lifecycle.

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