Sales Mentoring

Achieve your business goals with our

Sales Mentoring

If you are looking to increase the efficiency and productivity of your sales team, we have the methodologies and tools to achieve this with ease.

When the sales area does not sell...

Whose fault is it?

  • Lack of commercial structure and methodology?
  • Of the lack of efficiency in the management of the commercial process?
  • Of the absence and techniques of sales skills?

With our Business Mentoring you will solve:

  • Lack of alignment between commercial strategy, daily management and field execution.
  • Poor communication and follow-up between marketing and sales.
  • Low or inconsistent salesperson productivity.
It's time to reinvent yourself

The sales industry is changing every day.

Traditional training programs often fall short when it comes to providing sales reps with first-hand experience, as well as tips and tricks that star salespeople use to get ahead every day.

Traditional training can be useful but not sufficient in today's changing world. It's time to transform your training and development process to maintain market leadership.

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Why and how does the
Business Mentoring?

Finding excellent talent is just the beginning of the process when you are looking to build the best sales team

Tired of dealing with high turnover rates and underqualified salespeople who underperform and leave you feeling overworked?

How can we help you solve it?

Mentoring Stages

If you are ready to start increasing increasing the efficiency and productivity of your sales team, mentoring is the most effective way to improve your team's performance and push them in a new direction.

Do you know what you're investing in
the time of your sales team?

Your sales reps only uses

of the time selling

27% of sales reps use

entering data daily

Sales Managers use less than

in proactive sales coaching

31% of Sales Leaders use less than

weekly coaching session

Source: HubSpot Academy

Sales Processes CASH

Business Mentoring

We use a winning mix of methodologies such as: Solution Selling, Selling to VITO, Blitz, Neuroventas, Solution Selling, Sandler, among others... Acting in the 3 levels of the commercial area:

  • Business model with Business Canvas
  • Objectives, quotas and budget (P&L)
  • Variable compensation plan
  • Organizational chart and profiles of the sales area
  • B2B business methodology
  • Review and debugging of current pipeline
  • Neurosciences applied to sales
  • Qualified lead generation plan
  • KARE account mapping and care matrix
  • Strategic Account Management (KAM)
  • Effective management with "4DX" methodology
  • KPI's and accountability
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