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What is Inbound Sales?

Sales have changed. Gone are the days of cold calling and forcing content on your prospects through all channels.

Generates confidence

All buyers are unique

Understanding where your customer is on their buying journey and building trust with them is critical today. But to do so, you must show a genuine interest in helping to meet their needs.

Inbound Sales is a more personalized and helpful form of selling that focuses on individual buyers and their needs, frustrations and goals. It's a consultative style of approaching and advising your customers, without imposing content (and individual agendas) and instead providing them with the information they need to complete their buying decision.

It's time to reinvent yourself

The power in the buying and selling process has changed

Your buyer is using the internet to research your business. Are they using the internet to research your prospects?

Every call your team makes should be a hot call, backed up by research it has pulled from the Internet and your CRM. If not, you're stuck in the past and you're going to fail.

Personalized shopping experience

Why and how to implement
Inbound Sales?

Buyers are no longer dependent on a salesperson to make a buying decision. There is a lot of advertising and information available on the Internet that can be overwhelming for your potential customers. The modern buyer expects personalized attention and 24/7 access. 

There are four key steps to implementing an inbound sales process:

Do you know what you're investing in
the time of your sales team?

Your sales reps only uses

of the time selling

27% of sales reps use

entering data daily

Sales Managers use less than

in proactive sales coaching

31% of Sales Leaders use less than

weekly coaching session

Source: HubSpot Academy

Modern Sales Process

Sales Enablement

With a good sales enablement program, you can:

You have a high level of understanding of which reports are relevant to your business, but do you have the technology to create them?

Standardizes the most frequently used reports such as leads generated, product demonstrations performed and activities recorded by vendors such as appointments, notes, emails or calls.

After a content audit to determine where and how much high-quality sales content you have on your site, you can organize it into a content library for easy access by your team. Create case studies from your CRM data and create email templates to dramatically increase the productivity of your sales team.

Many processes that used to be manual can be automated for the modern seller, allowing them to sell better and faster. Create email sequences to continuously interact with potential customers, without sending dozens of follow-up emails per day.
Enable personalized live chat messages to interact and close contacts in real time, and add filter criteria to interact only with high-quality leads so your team can focus their time on quality leads.

With the right experience

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