Why do large companies prefer to hire "boutique" agencies?

Why do large companies prefer to hire "boutique" agencies?

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The marketing and sales work of a company is always a challenge. In 2020, B2B companies indicated that 1 in 2 sales was obtained through digital marketing efforts. In other words, billboards and door-to-door sales are no longer the main priority, but having a strong and authoritative social media presence.

Now, why do large companies hire boutique agencies to do this important work?

There are several reasons, and here we will explain each of them.

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1. Hybrid agencies have an integrated vision

A boutique agency is more likely to have tendencies to be hybrid, meaning they create processes that integrate marketing and sales teams, incorporating different methodologies such as Inbound Marketing and Performance Marketing to deliver scalable results consistently and reliably.

This model based on the fulfillment of objectives is highly competitive for its clients, since it impacts operating costs, allowing to deliver results with competitive prices and high Return on Investment (ROI).

2. Personalization is greater :

One of the advantages of a boutique firm is that it can integrate the experts that clients need at any time, to offer a more effective service, without having to wait for long recruitment processes. This makes strategies more personalized and flexible, adjustments are implemented in record time and your firm gets a tailor-made job.

For example, if you need your content produced in Spanish and Portuguese, it will be easier for a boutique agency to locate an expert native writer and deliver the work as quickly as possible; the same would be true in case you need a professional expert in any particular area.

In addition, they not only focus on knowing your brand, but on studying your ideal customer in detail and creating mechanisms that work specifically to attract, convert and delight them.

In large agencies it is common for collaborators to be responsible for dozens of clients at the same time, so their efforts and attention will be divided among all of them. This decreases the likelihood that the result you get has been designed exclusively for your business.

3. They are always up to date with the latest trends

Large agencies tend to have a long track record, so they have already established working methodologies that involve processes that are rarely changed. Just because this has worked for a long time doesn't mean it's the most effective way. Besides, bureaucracy and rigidity have always been the enemy of creativity.

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Boutique agencies are flexible, open to constant evaluation and testing to adapt to new ideas and trends in search of a more satisfactory result. This not only helps them to be more competitive, but this competitiveness and innovation will be available to your brand.

4. Results are faster and more focused

A large company typically has a greater number of processes, approvals, authority levels, and hurdles. And when it comes to marketing and sales, you're likely to want a partner that's bolder and more agile in delivering results.

For example, if you want to consult some planning or strategy with the CEO or general manager of the agency, you will not have to wait for a tight schedule or go through different representatives beforehand. It is likely that there is a direct communication and you can easily ask for adjustments and clarify doubts.

On the other hand, boutique agencies do not tend to focus on tactical and repetitive methods that, after being approved, are passed on to less experienced collaborators for execution. On the contrary, it is likely that as a boutique team there are only qualified personnel who are carefully dedicated to your brand, learn and grow with it.

5. Are willing to take risks

In conjunction with what we mentioned in the previous points, large agencies are accountable to a larger number of people (such as executives, managers, partners), and usually depend on them to approve any initiative. Now, if this initiative is different, risky or new, there may be barriers to implementation.

Boutique agencies, especially hybrid agencies, are always looking for alternatives and options to help them differentiate themselves and demonstrate a unique service. So not only would they embrace new challenges, but they may also propose to explore creative options to help you accelerate your sales cycle.

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Seth Godin once said that "by definition, the things that get noticed are the things that get talked about," and the truth is, you don't need a big agency to execute big projects.

Make sure you find a partner that understands your business goals, cares about knowing your buyer persona, has experience in your industry and creates concrete marketing and sales strategies focused on measurable results.

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