How does having a blog help me increase sales?

How does having a blog help me increase sales?

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Have you noticed that most successful and well-known companies have a blog on their website? This space that has interesting information on a particular topic can achieve much more than simply taking up an important space on your website.

According to Optinmonster, companies that prioritize their blogs are 13 times more likely to increase their Return on Investment ( ROI ), and also 97% more likely to have other websites link to their content, meaning they will have more traffic and better rankings.

But how does this benefit your business in terms of sales and revenue? Let's start with the basics.

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According to HubSpot, business blogging is a marketing tactic to give your company greater online visibility. It is a marketing channel that helps your business grow, just like social media and email marketing.

Now, here's how a blog will help you increase your sales.

1. Help drive traffic to your website

Let's think about the ways your website can be found:

  • A user could type your name directly into the search engine, but for that to happen they must already know your brand, so it is not new traffic.
  • You could pay for traffic by buying an email list (not recommended, not cash, not cheap, not legal).
  • You could pay for traffic with lots of ads, which is not illegal, but very expensive and does not hold up over time.

In short, the best way to get traffic to your website is through blogging, social networking and search engines.

Search engines notice your website every time it is updated, but it is not common for you to update pages like "About Us", "ContactUs" or "Services" weekly, is it? However, every time you publish a post on your blog, you add a new indexed page that represents a new opportunity to be listed in search engines.

According to Tech Client, you are 434% more likely to rank high in the search engines if you include a blog on your website. Why is this so important? Well, 75% of users never make it to the second page of Google results, so the higher you rank, the more visitors you get.

Having a blog also helps other users to share content on social networks, and thus receive traffic from new people interested in the subject.

2. Help turn that traffic into leads

Each post is a new opportunity to generate leads, if you add a Call To Action (CTA) to each one of them. You can offer free ebooks, templates, webinars, PDF guides... any content for which your visitors would be willing to offer their contact information.

This data collected will be your leads, and you can start nurturing them to increase your chances of becoming a customer.

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3. It helps to create authority

The idea of having a business blog is not only to fill your website with content that you can find anywhere, but to answer frequently asked questions that your leads and customers have. By creating useful content for your audience, you are positioning yourself as an authority in their eyes and enhancing your reputation in the industry.

Blogs are the fifth most reliable source of information online. If a prospect finds answers to their questions on your site, written by real people and experts in your company, they are much more likely to feel more confident about starting a buying process with you than with your competition, because you have helped them in the past.

Also, if he reads your blog he's more likely to be educated about the topic, the industry and what you have to offer. In short, the conversation will be more productive.

4. Generates long-term results

The results you get with a post on your blog don't stop after a couple of days. You can keep getting traffic and leads for months and even years, so every new post is another opportunity for your traffic to keep growing and increase your ranking.

The effort you make today can become thousands of views and leads in the future, as long as it is current and relevant content. According to HubSpot, 70% of each month's traffic usually comes from blog posts you published in previous months; as well as 90% of the leads obtained.

So be sure to check back often to see which of the published articles are still current and which need to be touched up to remain useful to your audience.

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Blogs are indispensable for positioning yourself digitally among your industry's other competitors and building enough authority to attract more prospects to become customers.

At Innova Marketing Solutions we not only declare ourselves fans of content and blogs, but we also have a team of professionals who will help you to detect the doubts, needs and pains of your potential clients, in order to respond to them in a convincing way on your website.

Today we can help you build the marketing plan that will lead you to increase your income. Schedule a call with us and we'll tell you how.