What is Account Based Marketing and how does it help you sell more?

What is Account Based Marketing and how does it help you sell more?

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For many years companies have focused on attracting many leads in order to have a higher probability of closing sales. However, in the early 2000s a new model began to develop that changed this premise: it is not about attracting many leads with generic messages, but attracting the right leads through very specific and personalized content . We are talking about Account Based Marketing.

According to Hubspot, Account Based Marketing (ABM) is the growth strategy in which marketing and sales are aligned to create personalized shopping experiences for groups of high-value 'accounts' already identified by companies. 86% of B2B companies that implemented ABM claim that this method increased their profit margins.

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Is Account Based Marketing compatible with Inbound Marketing?

ABM is to inbound what peanut butter is to jelly: a perfect match. Here it's not about identifying which is better, but about planning how the mix of both strategies generates effective results for your business.

Taking into account that inbound marketing is the technique that seeks to attract potential customers with valuable content through different digital channels, here we tell you how both methods can play in your favor:

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- Your business grows faster. Inbound marketing helps you attract the ideal accounts and ABM focuses "sniper-like" on reaching those that are key, direct to the decision maker, helping you accelerate the sales cycle.

- Inbound marketing is the foundation for a solid ABM strategy. While ABM detects valuable accounts, inbound marketing helps you provide relevant and quality information to address their pains.

- You'll get more out of every opportunity. The combination of these methods helps you attract a more targeted group of prospects, compared to what you'd get if you only employed one of these strategies.

- Your content will have double value. For example, if you create a custom case study to share to one of your accounts, you can also leverage this information to create an explainer video, a blog post, or a section on your website.

What are the benefits of ABM in companies?

This strategy, which is often very effective for the work of sales managers in B2B companies, also offers your leaders and teams:

Saving time, money and effort.

By pre-identifying your accounts and creating highly targeted messages for your audience, you save time by not contacting leads that are unlikely to qualify, you save your teams' efforts by focusing on quality leads, and you save money by discarding audiences that are not interested in your product or service.

2. Shorten sales cycles

By communicating with such specific contacts, identifying pains and problems is much easier, so it's easier for your prospect to identify with your message and you can spend more time making a positive impact on the stages of the sales cycle.

3. Increase ROI

Platforms for implementing ABM strategies often have important metrics to show how the plan has performed and whether the accounts you are targeting are really the ideal ones. 87% of companies using ABM have indicated that they achieve a higher ROI than through other marketing activities.

Why do big companies prefer to hire "small" agencies?

To have more sales you don't have to have more leads, but the right leads. It's time to focus your efforts to have more effective and lasting results over time, which will give your company the basis to grow and meet all your business goals.

At Innova Marketing Solutions we have a team of specialists in Account Based Marketing, which combines social selling plans, email marketing, inbound marketing, content marketing and more. Everything creates a perfect mix to reach those specific accounts and increase your sales.

Your company's road to success can start today. Schedule a consultation to learn how this strategy will help you grow.