How "vulnerability" can help you make more sales

How "vulnerability" can help you make more sales

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Perhaps you've heard that you can only attract, convert and delight your audience through personalized messages that are created especially for your target audience. To do this, it is advisable to leave aside robotic responses and adopt a more humane personality, one that is capable of putting itself in the shoes of users to answer their questions and help them solve their problems.

And if we're talking about a human brand, it's appropriate to think of a vulnerable brand. And no, we do not mean insecurity or weakness, but being authentic, honest and genuine. Be willing to adapt and take risks in order to provide a better service, and convey this to both your clients and your team.

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Want to know more? Here are some points that will help you to achieve it.

Take the phone

We know that cold calling can be a little scary, but it turns out to be a good way to connect with a potential customer. However, this type of strategy can be one of the most vulnerable actions a sales representative can take.

It is important to note one fact: only 13% of customers believe that sales reps know their needs, so this is a perfect opportunity for your team to sharpen their empathy and take advantage of their vulnerability to increase their sales results.

Communicate your feelings

Feelings are the engine that ignites human relationships, so it is consistent to think that a brand that is based on a "human" projection is capable of expressing its emotions and thus demonstrate vulnerability. But in what context is this appropriate and how does it increase my sales?

Imagine that your clothing brand is about to release a new collection. The text that accompanies your ad on social networks could say something like "Get ready for our new collection", although we could modify it to "Are you ready yet? We're anxious and nervous, but we're sure you'll love it.

It is also something you can use in your cold calls: "we are happy to hear from you", "it would mean a lot to us if you could support us in this way", and the like.

53% of consumers expect brands to be transparent about what they offer, and their company's values, according to Sprout Social; so don't be afraid to express your feelings!

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Be the student

The student position is highly recommended when making a sale: it is a person willing to learn, to ask pertinent questions and to prepare before the meeting.

And yes, it is important that your company demonstrates knowledge and authority in its area, but this should not prevent you from asking questions that will bring you closer to your potential buyers, who will appreciate not being at a disadvantage, but presenting themselves as equals.

HubSpot ensures that, in this sense, it is important to study the characteristics, desires, fears and interests of our audience (through the buyer person, for example) to not only ask questions, but to create "sophisticated questions" that show your customers that you have prepared yourself before making the call.

Express what you want

The final results of a sale can end up in 2 basic options: closing the sale or not. But beyond this, it is important to take into account the nuances: would the customer be willing to buy at another time? Did this call improve his perception of the brand? Is there any way your company can help the customer make his purchase decision? Does the customer have any doubts to solve?

There are many questions that can remain unfinished if you don't dig directly into the information you need.

We know that asking for what you want can be an anxious moment for the sales representative, especially when they don't know what the user can respond to. However, this sample of vulnerability that includes a clear call to action can be the difference between success or failure of the encounter.

Change your narrative

Adaptability is a necessary quality for companies, especially when it comes to sales.

When a conversation between the sales representative and the prospective customer begins, it is possible to determine what the direction of the conversation will be: is the customer really interested? Is he or she comfortable with the conversation? Has he or she shown any particular interest in any topic?

If you notice that the conversation is not having the ideal result, it is possible to change the course of your narrative slightly. The sales representative must understand that beyond a square script, the conversation must be tailored to each individual customer, to generate desired results and build a stronger relationship.

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Although vulnerability can be confused with insecurity, it is really a way to show your audience that you are able to put yourself in their shoes, to adapt and learn from them in order to provide the best possible service or product. If you want to know how to empower your sales team to achieve better results, you can contact us and start empowering skills that will lead you to success.