4 reasons why Corporate Identity is important in your company

4 reasons why Corporate Identity is important in your company

The essence of a company goes beyond its 4 walls or its website, as well as the services or products it offers. Statistics indicate that 94% of consumers would remain loyal to a brand that offers them transparency, and 64% of them say they trust brands that share their values. But how is this connection to customers achieved?

Every company builds (even if it is not looking for it) a corporate identity around its brand, which is guided by its activities, its methodologies, its values, its philosophy, among other things.

Merca Magazine 2.0 defines corporate identity as "the union of the different elements that a company, a brand or a company uses to distinguish itself from the rest". Some experts assure that it is the DNA of a company, the personality that comes from its characteristics, values, beliefs and ways to carry out its activities and communicate them.

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All this is obtained through elements such as:

Corporate design, referring to the graphic resources that identify each brand such as the logo, the color palette, the typography, among others.

Corporate communication, which involves the entire internal and external communication methodology of the company, including its internal team, customers, suppliers and the like. In other words, public communications play a fundamental role in this space.

Corporate behaviour, this is where the company's philosophy and values come into play, which go beyond what is written on paper. This can be observed through social responsibility, business and other activities involving contact with the community.

Then, we can determine that the corporate identity is the one that will determine the perception that the customers will be able to have of each company, which will influence directly and indirectly in their decision of purchase or consumption.

Why is corporate identity important in companies?

The first impression is important, but subsequent interactions will determine how interpersonal relationships and perceptions will be between people. With your company it is no different: the corporate identity will not only be the first impression that customers have of your company, but the following actions and methodologies will determine how much affinity there is between users and the organization.

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Among the benefits that a correct management of the corporate identity brings to the companies we have

1. Provides brand recognition

How many times do you need to run into a mark before you start remembering it? According to Pam Moore, an expert in digital marketing and branding, it takes between 5 and 7 impressions before consumers start remembering a brand, which is why it takes more than a logo to position us among the companies recognized by potential customers.

2. Helps build trust

If you were to buy a toy for a child, would you opt for a brand like Mattel or Bizak? If you choose Mattel, it may be because of its 90 years of experience in the entertainment market, but did you know that Bizak is not far behind with 70 years in the toy industry? If you didn't know, it's not your fault: the company TLS Marketing assures that successful brands in the creation of their identity produce benefits such as "greater customer loyalty, improved image and quicker identification". All of this is achieved with good corporate identity management, something Mattel has successfully achieved worldwide.

3. Promotes consistency and coherence in the business

What's the first thing we think of when we talk about Disney? If you have experienced feelings such as illusion, innocence, childhood and harmony when watching his films, you may have had similar experiences when buying his products and toys, when attending his parks and letting yourself be wrapped up in the magic represented by both the structure and the staff he serves.

It is impossible to show a brand personality when the teams are not related to it. A defined corporate identity works as a guide for all those involved with the processes of a company to work in a way that is geared to a common goal and can be noticed in the processes of production, marketing, customer service, supplier service and more.

4. Strengthens the sense of authority and experience

Just as we mentioned when we talk about trust, a well-established corporate identity is the first step in creating a leading brand in the industry to which it belongs. In addition, it allows the organization to establish elements that differentiate it from its competition and exalt its strengths, which directly influence the final purchase decision.

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With the 4 aspects mentioned above and a strong corporate identity, companies ensure the ground for the growth of their audience and a faster conversion of their potential customers. A clearer translation? This all boils down to: more sales. If you want to have powerful interactions with your customers that empower your organization and generate trust, start now! We can help you.