7 steps to building your brand effectively

7 steps to building your brand effectively

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It is common to read about the importance of creating a strong brand to boost your business, in fact 77% of B2B marketing workers say that a well-defined brand is critical to achieving their growth plans. Now, here comes the factor that makes many managers think: how much will it cost me to achieve that? And the truth is that although the ROI is worthwhile and saves you money in the medium and long term, it is possible that the monetary factor is a constraint for growing companies.

But the truth is that you can't overlook this work.Branding will give meaning, voice, value and identity to your brand, and this will allow the development of your business through the recognition and delight of your customers. That's why today we show you 7 steps to work on your brand without spending tons of money.

Create your own buyer person to understand your audience

Creating specific messages for your audience is key to attracting qualified leads, but do you know who your audience is? This semi-fictional representation of your clients' characteristics and interests will greatly facilitate the creation of content and solutions that will please your users.

Adele Revella, creator of the Buyer Persona Institute, says that personal shoppers "are a confidence-building tool to persuade buyers to choose you over your competition. In addition, 90% of companies that use these profiles have managed to better understand their buyers, and therefore, create content more suitable to achieve their sales goals.

Develop an identity and voice for your brand

Some brands transmit joy with their contents, others security and others an adventurous spirit. Have you already determined what your brand will transmit? If not, it's time to define your identity and tone of voice.

This reflection will allow you to specify what your brand values are, what you want to represent and how you want your audience to refer to you.
This definition will be a guide for how to structure your messages and how to respond to your customers, and will allow all the members of your team to be consistent and perfectly represent a unique voice for your brand.

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Creates a constant presence in social networks

Once you know your ideal customer and what the voice of your brand is, it's time to start interacting, and there's no better channel for that than social media.

These tools not only bring you face to face with your audience to engage in conversation, but show you their online behaviors, the times they choose to connect, the platforms they prefer, their topics of interest, and more.

Did you know that 54% of the times users use social browsers to locate information about a product? So, if your brand does not have a presence in social networks, not only are you preventing them from knowing you, but you are leaving the doors open for your competition to stand out in this area.

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Create a blog for your company

We have previously said that content is key to attracting your potential customers, and for that the blog is a fundamental resource. By having clarity about your buyer person, this tool allows you to create relevant content to solve their doubts and particular problems, and show the value and experience that your brand has to offer. In addition, it's financially advantageous: those companies that have prioritized content on their blogs are 13 times more likely to have a positive ROI.

Make customer service a priority

Can you imagine not paying for positive content about your brand and still having it broadcast? This is possible with first class customer service. For example, have you seen how Pepsi and Coca-Cola fans open up extensive discussions without intervention from either brand? Or how so many users recommend buying from Amazon because of the ease of the process? If you provide your customers with an extraordinary experience, you'll get earned media, which HubSpot defines as "the recognition your brand has gained, without paying for it, from people who talk about something you've done that was memorable.

Lean on cobranding

Inter-brand partnerships can be really favorable, especially when we are looking to expand our reach. But this choice cannot be random: HubSpot ensures that you should consider three elements before choosing your partner:

- Will your partner's audience be interested in your brand?

- Will your audience trust your allied brand?

- Do you have something to offer your partner and can they offer you something?

The idea is to achieve a win-win alliance, while maintaining agreement on your brand values and what you want to convey. Maintaining this consistency can increase your profits by up to 23 %.

Submit a masterclass or webinar

6 out of 10 marketers claim to use webinars to promote their content. And why are these tools so used? If we are talking about your brand having to provide useful content for your audience, this is the moment when you exploit all those topics in which your brand wants to demonstrate authority, knowledge and experience.

For example, one law firm claims to be the best at solving immigration cases on its social networks, but another firm decides to hold a webinar every month to answer the most frequent questions, or a master class for law students. Which option will project more confidence and experience?

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You see, creating a powerful brand should not depend on a huge budget, but it does require constant, dedicated and conscious work to achieve goals and obtain the results we want: a committed audience, an increase in your qualified leads and in your sales. Noah Everett, founder of Twitpic, said "don't worry about financing if you don't need it. It's cheaper than ever to start a business.

And the truth is that with today's technology you can boost your brand without sacrificing your financial stability. At Innova Marketing Solutions you can get a free 30-minute consultation with our consultants to learn what steps to take to lead your company to success.