4 SEO trends you should not ignore for 2023

4 SEO trends you should not ignore for 2023

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The first window of digital marketing or at least the first window where every project should start is called SEO. But what does SEO mean?

Its acronym stands forsearch engine optimization, and it is the strategy used to position the contents of your website in the first positions of the search engines. That is, if you want to have more visibility and your audience finds you easily in search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo, you must start applying SEO techniques so that these sites detect your content as relevant, reliable and attractive information.

It is important to consider that to create content based on SEO strategies you can consider up to more than 20 techniques, but the bots of these search engines, which act with machine learning, take into account more than 70 criteria to position a site, and these policies are continuously evolving.

For this reason, it is important to keep up with the actions that will help you have the desired result. Here we show you the SEO trends that you should start applying to be successful in your content.

Keyword Effectiveness Index

When we talk about KEI we refer to the effectiveness of the keywords used, and it is one of the first tasks we must fulfill when talking about SEO trends.

There are several tools that will allow us to determine the search volume of the keyword we select, such as Google Adwords. This is their formula:

Search volume ^2

Schema Markup

The Schema Markup is a step that will allow you to prepare your website to stand out in search engines. It is an HTML code that is inserted into websites and allows search engines to understand, using a vocabulary of tags, that can be found on the website.

It is an on-page SEO process and can be built from schema.org, where you will find particular attributes for specific industries and activities. It qualifies as a SEO trend, as it was common before to use the schemas that plugins like Yoast SEO deliver, but today it is more effective to manually optimize and install it in the header of each URL. The schema markups can collaborate by installing the FAQs types in questions and thus take them to the Google answer boxes.

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Site speed

The speed of your website is still the highest priority SEO trend, so much so that it is not likely to position itself with a slow website.

In fact, the new Google Search Console devotes a space exclusively to auditing URLs in terms of speed. It is generally recommended to have a site that loads within 4 seconds, as this is Google's preferred parameter.

But positioning is not the only reason to increase the speed of a website. According to Section, this is usually the bounce rate (visitors leaving your website) according to their loading speed:

  • 2 seconds: 9,61 %.
  • 3 seconds: 13 %.
  • 4 seconds: 17,1 %.
  • 7 seconds: 32,3 %.

Plugins like WP-Rocket or Wp-Optimizer work to speed up the pages.

Brand Reputation

This is a very valuable SEO trend, since Google currently gives importance to UGC (user-generated content), which is usually very common in social networks.

It is also desirable to add content that meets the EAT parameters (experience, authority and reliability). This is why reviews or testimonials in directories such as Google My Business are very important when Google considers the reputation of a brand.


SEO optimization is the basis for your audience to find you and your digital marketing strategy to have the results you expect. This is the pillar of other strategies such as SEM, email marketing, social networks, affiliate marketing, among others.

If you want to know how to prepare your brand to have the digital presence it needs to attract more potential customers and grow, contact us today and receive free advice from our experts in SEO and different areas.