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Fractional Cmo Is your marketing team delivering the kind of results you expect quarter after quarter? If not, it may be time to seriously consider whether an in-house marketing team is the best choice for your business. The fact is that more and more companies are benefiting from hiring a fractional CMO, and saving money while they’re at it.

You may have heard one or more of your business associates discussing outsourced specialists and how they are able to impact a company’s bottom line, but what you may not realize is just how positive that impact can be. Letting your in-house team go can seem like a counterproductive solution to the problem you’re facing, but take heart; Ray L Perry can show you all of the benefits that come with outsourcing your marketing to an expert.

Ray is not only a professional, experienced and highly sought-after CMO, he is also a Content Strategist and author who has worked with companies of every size and industry. If you’re in the process of researching what a fractional CMO can do for your business, congratulations; you’re making one of the smartest business decisions you could make when it comes to your marketing budget. Consider just a few of the benefits of hiring a fractional CMO:

- For start-up businesses or newly acquired companies, it’s not always affordable to hire an in-house staff and keep them on the payroll full time. A fractional CMO can eliminate the necessity to pay full time employees without sacrificing on the quality and content of expertise.

- If you’ve been handling the marketing aspect of your business for any length of time you’ve probably come to the realization that there’s a lot more to marketing than meets the eye- and that it requires specialized skills and plenty of experience. Unless you happen to be a marketing genius, you have to recognize the need to bring in a set of fresh eyes.

- If you’re looking for immediate results, Ray’s approach will provide new perspective to all of your existing challenges. With a laser-keen focus on the key elements of the big picture, Ray will demonstrate his ability to bring about the changes you have in mind.

- Is your marketing budget out of control? As is so often the case, it can prove to be difficult to employ all of your strategies and stay within the budget set for marketing. As a fractional CMO for your company, Ray knows how to handle your budget and can help you reduce financial waste while re-arranging the budget to support areas where the money is most effective.

If you’re looking for one, unique and talented person to build an effective marketing team for your company, contact Ray L Perry. Don’t waste your team’s time and your company’s resources by allowing them to figure things out on their own. Hire a fractional CMO who can provide the expert guidance your team needs. Call Ray today at 770-415-8740 to find out how he can help. Fractional Cmo
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